Just 2 Share My LIfe...

Just 2 Share My LIfe...
fRenDz f0RevEr...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"BiG BoWL cHALLeNge"

Today after class around 3.00 pm. Me, Thomas, Daniel, Alwyn, Nash, Navin and Daryl planned to watch G force at Sunway Pyramid. As usual. Nash drifted in the carpark there Navin and I was there. Nothing so special today compared to last time he really did drift every corner!! LOL.. After parking, 3 of us went down to meet the others because Daryl parked his car at the basement. By the time we see shops, a friend of Navin called him loudly, "NAVIN!!!!". So, me and Nash acted childishly i.e we went to hide in Jusco and left Navin and his friend. Unlikely both of us forgot him after we went to find Thomas and Daniel. Haha.. Then Nash and I decided to eat at Sushi King. So happy that I met my Sifu there. He taught me a lot of things when I was working at Sushi King. I saw the Head Chef of All Sushi King giving trainning to the managers.

After that, we saw a brochure saying "BIG BOWL CHALLENGE". Then in don't know what way Nash, Alwyn, Daniel and me took the challenge. At first we thought is 4 person eat the noodles in a big bowl but when it big bowl came, we only know that 1 PERSON EATING ALL THE NOODLES IN THAT BIG BIG BIGGGGG!!!!!!! BOWL!!. Everyone at first doesn't want to take the challenge cause it's too big bowl.. It's REALLY REALLY BIG. Then I took the challenge but God really bless me for finishing the noodles and the soup in 10 minutes. Phew!! ^.^

I DID IT in 9 minutes and 45 sec. XP

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge!! Go give it a try.. Confidence must comes first!! Hope you guys can do it!! Proud man..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time Constraint..

Everyone given 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.. Is it enough? Why people always complain about time is not enough? Is it this matters them? Or they can't plan well or use their time in an efficient way?

This problem I often conplain. So, I think I'm the one who has bad time management. Even I have my own timetable but most probably I don't follow or keep track what I've written on it because nowadays all decisions are made at last minute. How you aspect me to give commitment at last minute decision??

Life is so wonderful and full of joy in this earth so everyone please enjoy it. Don't waste your life by doing things that are not improtant. Praise God that you've a blessing from God. Do more charity by donating to someone who are in need. Do more good things for the country and the world. Pray for your country and neighbours for blessing and glorify your God. Amen

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In an environment with a lots of work make someone stressful. It makes people can't enjoy life happily and joyfully. Know what?? Makes me can't watch HK's drama!! LOL.. I've been busy all these while with my college and personal stuff. Even after my secondary life with no changes at all.. T.T.. Is it too much for me? Do I need to stop some of them? I felt so tired thinking all these things recently because making decision is not an easy step for everyone especially me in this particular moment. I need more advice but no one can help me.. This is so bad!! Erm.. Making someone busy all the time is a good because they seldom thinks some out of mind thing as in negatively.. But for me, if I don't make myself busy I will be gone haywire.. Haha.. Such a crazy person I am.. To be frank, I wouldn't like active myself in all sort of activities in my life cause nowadays I feel very very tired.. On the other hand, I wouldn't like to quit myself in any of the activities I've joined because I know if i quit, it will burden all my mates.. So I really need God Blessing all the time.. Amen..

Monday, September 21, 2009


Now I'm at Ipoh!!
So happy being here because of a lot of food to eat!! Haha.. In other word is gaining weight again!! LOL.
Today can't go to church because of diarrhea.. Sigh.. Sad case.. So, family and I departed at 12.26pm heading to Teluk Intan.. Actually planning to meet Hui Yan there but is a bit late when I reached there. Planned to eat roasted duck noodles at Pun Chun, Bidor but too many people there, can't find a place to sit so, I went to Glutton Square for curry mee for lunch. The curry is so delicious. I know I'm sick but one day without curry/chillies is like one day without love.. Can i say that?? Haha.. Kind of weird right? Yes!! I know..

After lunch then I went to visit my relatives around there. Then started our journey to Ipoh. We checked in Syuen Hotel.. Back here again because everytime visit Ipoh for sure overnight at Syuen Hotel because is similar to my Daddy's name. Haha.. After settled down then we went for our dinner. Quite early to have our dinner but I think Ipoh people having dinner very early so we just follow them. Haha.. We planned to eat at the Ong Kee Beansprout Chicken Rice/ Hor Fun.. But my dad said Ipoh people eat things like no need to pay.. Know why?? Cause A LOT OF PEOPLE WAITING FOR SEATS!!! aka PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA lol.. The road was so jam because of people wating for seats.. Too bad can't eat there.. Then I went to Ipoh Garden opposite Jusco, erm,, Food City if not mistaken.. Still the same, A LOT OF PEOPLE WAITING FOR SEATS!! I think Ong Kee is worsen.. Cause many people standing beside every tables waiting for the others to finish their food quickly.. Haha..

At Food City, I ordered Grilled Chicken Wings, HK Chee Cheong Fun, Popiah, Sotong Kangkung, and Fried Lala. I think I didn't eat the best food in town.. A bit dissapointed because the food in Ipoh really not my taste. Sorry to say that..Sigh.. So, after dinner back to hotel and now writing my blog~~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sports Day :)

Every Wednesday our class will have sports at college early morning. So, previously we went for swimming at Sun-U Residence from 0930 to 1100.
yOyO!! Kian Seng, don't talk too much in class.. Haha

See Thomas's six packs!! Cool right?? Haha.. Pity Daniel underneath him.. T.T

Daniel?? What are you doing??

After swimming then all went to Daniel's hostel to bath.. No one goes to Alwyn's hostel and he told me he felt so hurt.. Sorry Alwyn.. Next time I go to your hostel.. Don't mind right?? Haha..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Reached HoMe sWeEt HoMe

I just reached home from college at 11.15pm.. Pretty cool right.. I didn’t know that a lot of students still studying at foyer. the tables are fully occupied..

Now is time to rest.. Woke up so early for exam then went to Jennie’s house play Wii. Then went to Pyramid to watch Final Destination, it’s scary but having not nice ending for me. :(

Monday, September 7, 2009

Yummy Desserts!!

After studying for about 7 hours in college, Thomas, BV, Joo Ling, Yan Ying, Alwyn, and I treated ourselves with some delicious dessert.. We went to Puchong (opposite IOI Mall) for our dinner. We ordered “Fa Sang Wu” , “Bubur Cha Cha”, Red Bean with Glutinous Ball. Char Kuey Teow, “Lok-Lok” , Bubble Tea and “Kat Zai Suin Mui” Haha..

Well.. We ate till 9.15pm then went home to study AGAIN, maybe.. Haha.. See!?!? Still blogging and online-ing now.. Where got study?? Tomorrow morning got Progress Test for F3.. God Bless Me.. TQ..

So next time who wants to join us then go yourself.. Erm.. Never do/talk bad on girls.. Later no one will fetch you back home if you doesn’t have your own car!! Dangerous.. Wakakkaka..